With a sharp eye for minute details and a heart full of gratitude for India's rich cultural heritage, “Q by Sonia Baderia” takes us on a journey of exploration via its spectacular collections, each a celebration of ethnicity and craftsmanship that represents the beautiful country. India is a nation of vibrant colours, diverse cultures, and rich traditions, and Q by Sonia Baderia tends to capture the soul of India in every thread and embellishment. The Brand offers a harmonious blend of traditional classics and contemporary silhouettes, ensuring that every piece resonates with the modern Indian woman while staying rooted in tradition.

Divine 2.0 Designer Luxury Wear collection - Q by Sonia Baderia

Each collection, with titles like ‘Sheen 2.0’, ‘Divine 2.0’, ‘Vrindavan’, ‘Sheen’, ‘Queen of Aqua,’ and ‘Floral,’ conveys a distinct narrative while paying homage to different elements of Indian culture and design. These collections exhibit royalty and mirror the grandeur of Indian designs. They are a melange of natural colour palettes, delicate motifs, and refined structure, making them ideal for people looking for an equilibrium of spirituality and elegance. The highlights of these collections are embroidered anarkalis, embroidered kurtas, gowns and printed organza sarees, which are reminiscent of the timeless charm. Each piece exhibits the elegance of Indian craftsmanship. The Fabric of the garment introduces you to an opulent and luxurious world. These creations demonstrate the Brand's dedication in order to make every woman feel like a queen on the special day. 

DIVINE  Women's Designer Collection - Q by Sonia Baderia

Whether you are a bride looking for a traditional gold lehenga, a young woman searching for a contemporary party dress, going out for theme brunch with friends, attending a daytime garden wedding, or a romantic evening rendezvous, Q by Sonia Baderia got you covered. The intricate embroidery and fine fabrics transform each piece into a work of art, making it perfect for weddings and festive occasions.

Every embroidery stitch and fabric choice has been thoughtfully selected in each garment. The Brand takes pride in practising ancient Indian techniques, such as intricate zari work and exquisite hand embroidery. As a result, the apparel not only appears graceful but also conveys a tale about artistry. It's not just a fashion brand; it's a labour of love, an ode to the artisans who bring these creations to life.

- by Arya Vats