Are you a bride-to-be who is absolutely smitten with the idea of donning a gorgeous embroidered lehenga on your big day? But also caught up in whirlpool of designs traversing the streets of Chandini Chowk?

Embroidered designer lehengas collection - Q by Sonia Baderia

Well, you’ve come to the right stop as we bring to you a comprehensive designer's guide for wearing an embroidered lehenga for brides. From choosing the right lehenga to styling it perfectly, we've got you covered.

1. The Perfect Fit:

When it comes to a lehenga, finding the perfect fit is of utmost importance. However, other than the right measurements it also includes the kind of fit you desire ranging from flared to fish cuts. White the former will accentuate the pose of an Apple-shapes person, the latter will be perfect to adorn a pear- shape body type. Remember, a well-fitting lehenga can make all the difference, giving you a flattering silhouette and a confident walk down the aisle.

2. Choosing the Right Embroidery:

Embroidery is the backbone of any lehenga. It adds that extra pizzazz and makes you stand out from the crowd. While selecting the embroidery for your lehenga, keep in mind the theme of your wedding and your personal style. If you're having a traditional wedding, opt for intricate zardozi or gota patti work. For a more contemporary look, go for delicate threadwork or sequins. The embroidery should complement your overall bridal look seamlessly.

Embroidered lehengas collection - Q by Sonia

3. Complementary Blouse Design:

The lehenga blouse is one of the most integral parts of the look that can either enhance or detract from your overall look. Select a blouse design that complements the lehenga embroidery and flatters your body shape. Experiment with different necklines, back designs, and sleeve patterns to find the perfect match. Don't forget to pay attention to the fabric, as it should be comfortable and breathable, allowing you to enjoy your special day to the fullest.

4. Dupatta Draping Styles:

The way you drape your dupatta can drastically alter the overall appearance of your lehenga. If your lehenga has heavy embroidery on the skirt, go for a classic drape where the dupatta falls gracefully over your shoulder in a straight manner. If your lehenga has a simpler skirt, consider experimenting with different draping styles, such as the Gujarati or the butterfly style, to add drama and elegance.

5. Finishing Touches:

Accessorising your lehenga is the final step in perfecting your bridal look. Choose statement jewellery pieces that complement the embroidery and color of your lehenga. A mathapatti, bajubandh, or choker necklace can instantly elevate your appearance. Additionally, pay attention to your footwear choice – opt for heels that are not only stylish but comfortable enough to last you through the long ceremonies. Lastly, don't forget to coordinate your makeup and hairstyle with your embroidered lehenga for a cohesive and stunning look.

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