“I want to be the champion or the ambassador of the thought that you are great as you are, as long as you are working on yourself constantly. I am not encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle here, I am just saying that life is much more than your body or your skin. I mean look at how many lip surgeries and what all is happening today. It baffles me but I think it starts with two things; one is lack of self-love and the other one is people constantly calling you out publically.”
“I completely stand for self-love” - Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin is a singer and songwriter from India. Known for her Bollywood playback work and independent songs in the Indian pop and Punjabi folk music genres.
At age 18, when Neha was chosen by Coke V popstars, a nationwide talent search conducted by Channel V to be part of the 5 girl pop group 'Viva' Neha became an over night sensation, since childhood she aspired to become popstar and today she has reached heights with all the love for her songs by her fans.
In Bollywood, her first breakthrough was the song 'kuch khass hai' in 2007, which also earned Neha her first film nomination in 2008. Neha won the Star Vijay Award for Best Playback Singer in 2008 for her debut Tamil song 'Pesugiren Pesugiren' penned by Yuvan Shankar Raja.
Neha has judged the singing reality show called Love Me India, she has done acting in movies and has also hosted few shows.

Nega with her dedication and hard-work now has a family of 493K followers and is still rising. She truly believes in spreading joy and awareness on how self-love is important.
- Neha Bhasin was spotted wearing our custom made PVC coat in her newly launched song “TU KI JAANE”.