Garima Bhandari

The gorgeous Garima Bhandari being a Mompreneur herself, has a great sense of managing her work life with her personal life is inspirational for a lot of female entrepreneurs.
She is a single mom, a model and a national yoga fitness mentor. She is also an award winner for Glo which is a fitness and beauty app.
All these struggles she has been through has now made her confident, unstoppable and compassionate about the things she is doing.
Garima now has 88k followers and is still growing as she has a great sense of handling her social media life by being real to her followers and has a great influence on young minds. She has used the power of internet and social media to influence the life of others by spreading the positivity of yoga, self-care and Sattvik lifestyle. She has even reached out to people through NGOs and is selflessly dedicating herself for the society to make the world a better place.
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